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Poker Air - The best Poker in the world !

Poker Air on PC

What's the different makes Poker Air is the best Poker game ?

Poker Air - where your dreams become real


Faster Poker with NO wait times! 2-5 or 9 seat Texas Holdem Poker tables!..... and many more cool things !


FREE to play without registration. Just get in and play!!

Facebook Connect

Facebook connect ( make friends across Platform) Sharing achievements and invites friends via Facebook


Mini casino Games

Jackpot, can play it in the table. More chances to earn more chips to play Poker

In-app-purchase Shop

Buy chips right at the table( Top-up, SMS, Visa... ) and many exciting items in Shop


You can't wait to join many interesting events - 2X Cash plus, More chips-More Friends....

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Common questions

Question and answer about Poker Air

  • What kind of Poker can I play with the app?

    With our mobile and social app Poker Air you can play one of the most popular types of Poker- classic unlimited Texas Holdem.

  • Why i lost all my chips without any reason?

    Your Facebook account may be hacked, byou should send us about the time and losing money, we will check your account again. Please remember change your safety password . And don't connect to untrusted website

  • How diamonds can be used in this game?

    Diamonds is the special chips in Poker Air, you can buy the items in the SHOP with diamonds, The diamonds only are received via top-up the card or purchase chips in the SHOP

  • Why i did not receive any chips after buying via sms?

    If you have a successful purchase but no receive any chip, please check in your purchase records & message (system section), and send us your recorded bill or call to Techinical-Center (19001294) . And send us your evidence about losing money without receiving chips, we will solve your issue as soon as possible.

  • What is a Lobby?

    Lobby is a game mode where you can learn about active games and get information on them (speed of the game, blind size, number of seats at the table etc.) and choose the table youd like to join.